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Conflict Management

This course is very flexible and allows for tailoring to specific environments or client needs. It is delivered in a variety of forms consisting of 4 hour programmes, 1 day programmes or 2 day programmes. We understand that risks differ from business to business and that time is often of the essence, so our courses have been designed accordingly.

The management of conflict in the working environment is paramount, customer or public facing staff experience varying degrees of aggression sometimes on a daily basis, our courses provide you with a realistic approach to manage conflict effectively, de-escalating conflict in order to control the outcome.

All modules provide learners with ability to dynamically assess situations, environment and people to ensure that they are favourably positioned to mitigate the risk.

Our approach differs to other professionals, if you want to know more about Outcome Control Training, visit our About Us Page.

Course Options:


Conflict Resolution: 4 hours

Conflict Management: 1 Day

Advanced Conflict Management: 2 Days

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