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About OC Training

We provide training to individuals working in public facing roles in a range of sectors. From Health & Social Care to the Private Security Industry. A newly established independent Kent based training provider that offers bespoke courses to meet individual, group or company needs. 

We currently deliver training to Mental Health Units, Secure Transport Teams, Dementia Care Teams and Social Care staff working with individuals with Learning Disabilities.

We understand that often the people that present as being challenging, don't always intend to cause harm, so we ensure context is considered throughout our training sessions.

Our Trainers have all worked in high pressure conflict-rich roles, many of whom continue to do so, this ensures that the content is delivered realistically and accurately. The content is not Powerpoint-heavy, our Trainers promote interaction, debate and engagement.

We deliver courses at various locations throughout the UK and have the ability to deliver training at our customers sites. 

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