Training Courses

Training Courses

We deliver training to individuals and businesses Below you can find our range of courses and prices

3 Hour Course

A course designed for those working in customer, patient or client facing roles, or roles which pose a heightened risk. This course can be tailored to your needs if it is a group or business booking.


4 Day Course - £200

Comprising of Conflict Management and Physical Intervention. This course is designed for individuals seeking employment in the Security Sector and is recognised by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

1 Day Course - £100

Learning  the industry standard techniques for handcuff applications and developing a detailed understanding of the legal and medical implications of handcuffing an individual.

This course can be delivered as a B-Tec or as an OC Training in-house course.

1 Day and 2 Day Options

This course is designed to equip learners with the knowledge and techniques required to de-escalate situations involving violence, breakaway quickly and intervene physically in a safe and effective manner when appropriate.

A number of different course are being designed currently, send us an email if you want further information.

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3 Hours

This course focuses on use of force legislation, situational awareness and practical and effective non-pain compliant techniques to disengage from an assault. - 07555984174

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