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Physical Intervention Training

"Our principle is that physical intervention or control and restraint as it is also referred to should only ever be used as a last resort.

However when physical intervention is required it is often required swiftly and precisely, so to that end we want to ensure that we teach people to assess and understand when it is required and implement it decisively and safely when they do."

We deliver an array of Physical Intervention Programmes to meet company or environment specific risks. Training duration can range from 1 day to 3 day courses.


If you would like additional tailoring of content please contact us.


Course Content:

Law- A overview of relevant Common Law articles and details of specific aspects of Criminal Law surrounding the use of force and the use of lawful interventions. The understanding of the limitations of powers of detention or arrest.

Dynamic Risk Assessments - Detailed scenario based assessments of a variety of different situations and the components of such assessments followed by the need to complete them swiftly.

Stance and Positioning - Covering hand positioning, posture, head movement, and footwork/and positioning in order to be in a favourable position to defend or react.

Non-pain compliant restrictive interventions- A practical exhibition and assessment of a variety of techniques ranging from low level intervention to high level intervention.

Supine ground restraint- High risk and high level interventions all meeting non-pain compliance with additional adapted methods of pain compliance.

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