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SIA Appeal Advice

What we do

Our consultants will always provide an initial free consultation to anyone who is anxious or concerned regarding this process, whether it be prior to SIA Licence application or following a rejection of your application or upon license renewal.

Our initial consultations consist of a review of you appeal or case details in line with SIA Guidance and will advise you on the likelihood of a successful appeal and the ease of achieving this, compliance will be highlighted and you will be encouraged to compile the relevant paperwork yourself.

However, this is not always a simple or attractive task to some people and it is not always an easy case. For those of you who want additional support and guidance with this, you have come to the right place.

Confidentiality is assured at all stages and we do not pass judgement. We do however reserve the right to refuse service and do not assist in appeals where good character can not be evidenced.

Below is a table of information provided by the SIA, if you are about to apply for your SIA License and want to know how your case would be assessed see which option would apply to you, if it is a CAF, it means that the SIA will 'Consider Additional Factors' and if this is the case you should start to prepare your appeal now.

Minded to Refuse

Based on criminality

21 Days to Appeal

Provide Mitigation

Character References

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