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Handcuffing FAQs

Q: Who can carry handcuffs?

A: Anyone, provided they can lawfully justify them doing so?

Q: Who is the course designed by?

A: The content is regulated by the ICM (Institute of Conflict Management)

Q: Who is the course designed for?

A: Security Staff, prison staff and secure unit staff.

Q: Who can buy handcuffs?

A: Anyone, this is unregulated.

Q: Can I carry handcuffs visibly in public?

A: No, this is not advisable, it could be deemed provocative and not justifiable.

Q: Who can handcuffs be used on?

A: Individuals who have or were in the process of committing an indictable offence.

Q: Do you need a handcuff licence or permit to carry them?

A: No, this does not exist, basic handcuffing training is the minimum guideline requirement.

Q: Is the Handcuff course part of the SIA requirement?

A: No this is separate and is an advanced form of physical intervention.


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