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Protect Yourself - 97% of Women have been Harassed.

Almost every woman has reported some level of verbal or physical abuse from both strangers in the street or ex-partners. To attend or enquire into one of our Personal Safety Seminars, click HERE.

On almost every single training session we deliver at least one female will report bad experiences with men during a relationship. These figures account only for those who volunteer the information. So how many more cases are there?

Research shows:

97% of Women have been harassed.

Following the horrific incident this last week, a number of themes have emerged.

The idea of “educating men”, so that they are aware that it is not ok to harass or berate women is a common theme and a concerning one at that.

That being said regardless of environment and upbringing everyone has a moral compass. The vast majority of men if confronted would confess that they knew that their behaviour was not appropriate or acceptable. To say that we should “educate men” is quite strange.

Do criminals in all specialties not know that what they are doing is both wrong and illegal? Of course they do, but they will do it anyway if they are that way inclined.

For the last 20 years incidents of assault or abuse towards women have increased. This is nothing to do with education and more to do with Culture, Respect and Consequences.

No school, community or morally correct parents would encourage or embed the attitudes towards women that we are speaking of. Equally the vast majority of men would challenge other men they saw acting inappropriately, so why are these concerns and incident rates growing?

Respect & Culture

As many would agree there have been a number of societal shifts over time. Respect for one another as humans, has decreased dramatically. We hear time and time again first hand accounts from Nurses, Doctors, Care Staff, Security Staff and the Police, that they are shocked by the lack of respect they witness in their respective roles. Gone was the time that you wouldn’t dream of speaking rudely to a Nurse.

Now they report threats to kill, physical and verbal abuse on a near daily basis.

I have witnessed with my own eyes a young lady being harassed in a nightclub to dance, and when she declined, she was immediately punched full force in the face. Sadly these incidents are not isolated. It is equally not uncommon for girls to receive torrents of abuse if they reject advances. Alcohol and drugs naturally just exacerbate this existing lack of respect and magnify the inappropriate behaviours.

There seems to be a level of expectation amongst some men that they have a sense of entitlement, that if they want it they can have it, and if they are rejected they react violently or abusively.

It has not got worse

Others believe that the apparent increase in figures is due to advances in technology and the actual ability, process and culture of reporting incidents has improved. More channels of reporting will mean more reports.

No Consequences

This can be said for all crime in the UK, however especially with reference to either domestic incidents or incidents of stalking, harassment, abuse and assaults. There is simply not enough of a deterrent to dissuade certain individuals from behaving the way they do.

You can be charged with stalking, harassment and actual bodily harm and not serve a single minute in prison. Weak sentencing has a lot to answer for. Fines, community service and temporary curfews following convictions are simply not enough of a consequence.

Example: Case – Joshua Morley Vs the People

Joshua Morley head butted his pregnant girlfriend and then pressured her to lie with threats of further violence.

He received a suspended sentence (meaning no prison time unless he reoffends) and was made to do 200 hours of Community Service, and banned from contacting his victim for 5 years.

Example: Case – Joshua Terry Vs the People

Joshua Terry broke the cheekbone of a woman and rendered her partly blind requiring surgery, assaulting another to a lesser degree. He was charged with:

· ABH (actual bodily harm)

· Possession of a Bladed Article (Knife)

· Witness Intimidation

· Perverting the course of justice.

· Using threatened words

· Disclosure of private photographs

Given the array of offences you would think he would be handed a punishment that fits the crimes he committed. He was sentenced to 28 months in prison, of which he will probably serve only half.

There are simply not enough consequences.

The internet has a tendency of showing polarised opinions with tag lines that trigger emotional responses, calling to “educate men” and to impose “curfews for men” just promotes hostility.

You need Good Men and Good Women to stop Bad Men.

We are offering 50% SALE on Personal Safety Seminars for Women that would like to learn how to defend themselves from such unwanted attention.

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